Pranic Breathing

Change your life while lying down 


MARCH 21 1:30-4PM

Bring pen and notebook

Shift habits and eliminate addictions with this life-changing technique that combines holotropic and rebirthing breath. Transform your subconscious beliefs by dissolving your "samskaras," impressions from past experiences that hinder conscious efforts to change. 

Learn and experience this active breath while lying down, supported by props, for an extended period of time. Followed by a 15 min savasana your efforts will deeply integrate into the molecular and cellular aspects of the body resulting in a feeling of deep rest and profound release and inspiration. 

The workshop will open with gentle movement to get the breath going and to prepare the body for lying down. Once the panic breathing is completed there will be time to write, reflect, and share.


"The first time I tried Pranic Breathing I couldn't believe how powerful something so simple could be. I was able to release deep pains from my body that resulted in a sense of freedom and understanding. I made connections between where I was stuck and why. It changed everything." - Jon T. 

"I'm convinced I need to attend a Pranayama class such as this at least twice a year.

It was truly transformational." - Brandi M. 

"I was able to release grief I didn't even realize I was still holding."  - Russell R. 

Online workshops

Chakra Meditation

Liberate to Cultivate 

*Three 20 minute meditations that are yours forever. Use anytime you want. 

*Includes journaling 

*Chant the Bija 'seed' mantras for each chakra

*Understand the relevance of the chakra system

*Build confidence in your voice

*Release money blocks

*Ignite creativity

*Strengthen intuition

Your body is not a burden

Download this 13 minute guided meditation to bring awareness, appreciation, and gratitude to the body. It's so easy to judge, worry, or be frustrated with our ever changing body. But, when we see it as a gift and not a burden the body responds! Try it for a 7 days and seee how different you feel. Use when you're working with injury or illness. Use to build confidence. Use anytime. When you thank the body the body will thank you back!

Ask + Believe + Receive 

Lakshmi: Goddess of health, wealth, good fortune, abundance, & beauty!  Do you tend to give more? Do you have a lot but stuggle to give? Listen to this guided meditation for balance and harmony. What do you want? What do you need? Ask for it!  And, what do you have to offer? Give without fear. Free 12 minute guided Lakshmi meditation to release inner resistance. Listen and learn the Lakshmi Mantra as well as the symbolism of this enchanting and rich deity for a deeper understanding of this potent energy. 


"I came in with an open mind and desire to learn. After the meditation, I was able to align negative emotions and experiences together to see the bigger picture about what I was feeling. It was a life changing step towards me letting go of 27 years of anger and frustration that has been keeping me back from my true potential".

— Carly J.


"Connecting with how I feel has been a tool for empowerment. This was transformational and so simple"! - Kristen M.