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"Participating in Robin's workshops I was able to deepen my practice of yoga, on and off the mat. I love Robin's teachings, as she teaches yoga way beyond the postures. To be able to carry these teachings into the every day life is a blessing and a way to live that I will never forget. Highly recommended"! - Shirley Y. 

Upcoming Events
Meditation: 7 Day Tonglen Practice
Sun, Sep 27
Live via Zoom
Sep 27, 6:00 PM – Oct 03, 6:30 PM
Live via Zoom
Suffering is often avoided at all costs. However, it's an innate part of life - especially now. A Tibetan Buddhist Practice, Tonglen means "sending & taking". Tonglen teaches us how to take in the pain and suffering of others & ourselves while sending out happiness, peace & ease.
Sun, Sep 20
Virtual Live Experience on Zoom
Sep 20, 6:15 PM
Virtual Live Experience on Zoom
Clarify the mind, awaken your wisdom and liberate your heart through mantra, myth and music. Join Robin for an evening of Kirtan, devotional chanting!
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