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Practice with me

Offering a custom course of study you will develop a practice with tools to empower you into living a life of meaning, health & healing. 


I’m interested in hearing from you:

What interests you? 

Where do you want to grow?


Below are words from a student who worked with me.

Thank you Anthony! 

There are infinite avenues to the centerpoint.

Yoga is a science and an art.

"After years of asana practice off and on and a new drive to dive deeper into a full yoga practice (meditation, breathing, and a curiosity about mantras), I finally decided I needed my own personal teacher. Robin's amazing energy in her group classes - kind, passionate, devoted, generating inspiration in troves for her students - kept me coming back to her website where she mentioned 1:1 teaching. I decided to email her. I asked her to help me take the plunge, and her enthusiastic reply was all I needed to make the commitment. 


My personalized experience so far with our 1:1 sessions has been amazing: clarity on some of the nuances of pranayama practice, learning the 8 limbs from the beginning through dialogue and discussion about how they can be practiced in a modern age, book recommendations and suggestions for diving deeper, and the ability to ask even the most silly questions with sincere and kind answers. 


I enthusiastically recommend Robin as a teacher in either her group classes or her 1:1 sessions. But if you're wanting to dive deeper, connect with yourself, and understand why yoga is so much more than calisthenics, please reach out to her for personalized sessions. You will not regret it".

- Anthony L.

Contact me here to start a dialog.

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