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"Amazing yoga and wellness retreat. Robin Duryea is the best - it was a pleasure to get to spend a week immersed in her knowledge and expertise. She really went above and beyond to make sure the retreat fulfilled what you would think". - Samantha H. 


"Robin curates a perfect zen, experiential retreat. She's a gifted teacher, beautiful chanter and musician.

She both encourages open/reflective time yet manages to bring the group together with warmth.

If you are looking for a transformative weekend, I highly recommend a retreat with Robin". -Danica K.  

Rest & Receive.

Reclaim your inner space.

Seven Days Seven Chakras Retreat
April 21-29

Kūaloli Retreats

Puna, Big Island, Hawaii

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In a culture that so easily dismisses and devalues our ability to self regulate & self heal the results are a dependency on that which exacerbates dis-empowerment. The chakra system is a highly intelligent design, that when understood and applied correctly, taps you back into your ability to say no to & question the handed down scripts and misunderstandings that keep you living in limitation, discomfort and dissatisfaction. This retreat intends to give you a road map to internally source your medicine and power. 

Kūaloli Retreats owner and teacher Robin Duryea will lead an intimate retreat giving you practical & informative approach to understanding the chakra system and how best to apply it for health, healing & insight. 

Book recommendation: Anatomy of the Spirit, by Carolyn Myss

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