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Recordings of previous sessions guided by Robin Duryea 

Dharma Talks and Meditations

Album: Tonglen

Expanding our capacity to sit with both our own and others discomfort is at the heart of healing. Tonglen is the Tibetan Buddhist practice of broadening your threshold for discomfort while giving you the space to move with gentleness & ease.


Seven, 30-minute meditations, totaling 3.5 hours of guided meditation these recordings cover: the ability to sit and stay, learning about the 3 lords of materialism, the development of an even temper, the nature of basic goodness, the warrior’s way, how to rejoice & more.


Learned through the teachings of Pema Chödrön it is my hope these teachings turn your discomfort into the medicine you need to feel open & courageous in the face of challenge.

Album: The 8 Limbs of Yoga

This album contains seven, 30-minute meditations. The 8 limbs of Yoga are a set of practices that develop our ability live in the world with more ease & comfort while preparing us for our journey inward.


The first limb provides the guidelines for establishing a strong & healthy ethical backbone. The second limb consists of personal practices for weakening the negative mental and emotional disturbances. The third limb, which is the most well-known are the physical postures, which serves to prepare the body for seated meditation. The fourth limb is breath regulation. The fifth limb teaches to tune out sensory distractions. The final three limbs are stages of the process of turning inward.


The 8 limbs are meant to be worked in order providing a solid framework for living a healthy, harmonious & captivating life. 

Album: 7 Different Yoga Sutras

When the word Yoga is mentioned most people think of the physical practice. This is only one aspect and actually a very small part and a relatively recent development.


The physical Yoga, or Hatha Yoga, was primarily designed to facilitate the real practice of Yoga-namely, the understanding and complete mastery over the mind. So, the actual meaning of Yoga is the science of the mind.


There are 200 Yoga Sutras, divided into four sections, which gives the theory of Yoga and a description of the most advanced stages of practice. Here are 7 different sutras I have chosen with purpose. Listen sequentially or on their own. 

Single: Healing Mantra

Parallels and harsh divides create fragmented ways of living with self and others resulting in isolation and suffering. Instead ask, “how can I bring healing to this interaction”? 


Inspired by this moment of significant political divide, this 30-minute guided meditation aims to focus our awareness on the truth that no matter who you are or where you stand, we all share the common ground of wanting safety, security and love.


Listen to be reminded that you are more than the roles you play and the labels you wear. Listen and remember no one stands alone.  

FREE Single: Strength + Insight: A Guided Meditation

Need a boost? Need a reminder that you've got this?


7 minutes of guided meditation to access your inner strength during difficult times.


Listen anytime to be reminded of your greater capabilities while tapping into your inner resource of insight and inspiration. Listen to reconnect with your inner resolve.

Album: 7 Chakras

Seven meditations, each 30 minutes long, corresponding with each of the 7 main chakras. This meditation will guide you through the bija mantras as well as the associated qualities contained within each chakra. Use this meditation to get grounded, clear, awake, confident, creative, and stable. 

Chakras store the energy of thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, and actions. They influence our present and future behavior, mindset, and emotional health. These swirling wheels of energy correspond to massive nerve centers in the body. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Since everything is in motion it’s imperative the chakras remain open, aligned, and fluid. 

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