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Kirtan is devotional chanting.


Rooted deep in Spirit, Kirtan has a long linage coming to us from the culture of 'bhaktas' living in India. In much the same way education in our western culture is mostly accessible to those with resources many of the 'higher teachings' in India were reserved for those of the higher caste. The 'bhaktas' knew God's love wasn't only reserved for those of a certain caste or creed rather 'it' is found in everything everywhere. Bhaktas created the life of 'bhakti'; devotion, as their form of worship; devoting oneself to living a life of peace, joy, love and spirit expressed in many ways.

One of which, is through song.


Robin knows firsthand how both joyous and scary it can be to sing!

Just remember, it's not a performance it's a prayer.

It's absolute nakedness.

- Lou Dillon

Singing is the rawest thing.

New Year's Eve Kirtan
Retreat in Hawaii

December 2023
Info coming soon!


Robin's kirtans have opened my heart and my voice to divine sound, which has empowered me to remember and to express my truth. Robin's stunning yet humble offering of her devotion, talent and wisdom unfailingly anchors me back into my own knowingness and even inspired me to continue this exploration between gatherings by studying mantra and harmonium privately with her. The sacred space that Robin curates and the vibrant community that she congregates infuse me with gratitude, hope and love. The experience always reveals the meaning of whatever is going on in my life and sparks the courage within me to embrace it all as a facet of "aum."

Maura U.

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