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And your life is not a chore.

Your body is not a burden.

Utilizing ancient wisdom to empower & embolden. Take back your life and your health. If you're feeling good use these practices to feel even better. If you're needing support the practice is there to facilitate mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fortitude & healing. 


UPDATE: After decades in San Francisco Robin is now the owner & steward of Kūaloli Retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii. Offering personal mentorship retreats, group healing retreats & accommodations visit kū

Robin Duryea | Robin Duryea Yoga


Robin is a truth-seeker and rebel at heart who facilitates a deep inquiry into what's possible for every person. Honest, intuitive, studied & experienced working with Robin will give you access to your inner self for empowerment, support, strength & truth. 

 “I went to work with Robin because I could feel that she is an incredibly powerful teacher, not only with physical asana but also with philosophy, mythology, mantra, etc. When I initially met her she had such a strong and healing presence. I wanted to work on feeling inspired and cultivating more freedom in my life. My experience was completely transformative!! She is a total powerhouse!!" - Robin's student

The movements an act of remembrance.

Let your body be a prayer in motion.

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