And your life is not a chore.

Your body is not a burden.

I’m a rebel by nature. I love movement, growth, change, and breaking patterns and habits. I love learning & exploring. I’m curious and interested and I love challenging the limiting ways imposed by our current systems and structures. I love feeling good in my body, calm in my mind & at ease in my heart. I love contributing to my communities in a positive way.


I choose knowledge, trust, joy and freedom over stress, worry, fear and control. I choose patience over feeling hurried. I feel at the center of every being on this planet lies a well spring of Source, Spirit, God, Allah, Jah, you name it, that we all have access to. I believe in respecting the earth and each other. I also believe we’ve veered off course. I feel it’s imperative that we learn to heal ourselves and this shared space we all call home. Should each individual commit to their work significant growth can occur. The mind will doubt but the heart knows and the spirit is more than capable. Yoga teaches how. Please join me for live on-line yoga classes, meditation, breath work, Kirtan, Retreats & offerings to empower you.


UPDATE: As of August 2021 I am now the owner of Kūaloli Retreats on the Big Island of Hawaii. For information on healing retreats & travel accommodations find us here kū

Robin Duryea | Robin Duryea Yoga


Everyone receives a wake up call at some point in their life. Mine occurred early at the age of seven.


During my teenage years, in addition to all the things a teen becomes aware of, I also learned of this thing called Yoga. With a very slow and dedicated practice I started to reclaim my health & healing. In the decades since I have become acutely aware of my ability to properly care for my body as well as my ability to heal the pain in my mind and in my heart. In varying degrees, injury, addiction, depression, medications & stress were all part of my early story. Now, my story is about courage, resilience, accountability, empowerment, devotion, clarity, peace & love. I am here to share with you the tools that both saved my life and continue to bring me incredible joy. 

The movements an act of remembrance.

Let your body be a prayer in motion.