What the community has to say

When my wife introduced me to Robin's style, her compassionate teaching, her articulate description of how the mind meets body, and her overall flow, I knew something was new. Something refreshing.

Robin is that yoga instructor who embodies the best of yoga instructors, and for me, that also means she has a clear focus on the perception of her students. She steps into their minds to understand what they're experiencing. That ultimately makes for an elegant yet pragmatic practice for the entire room - Stephen Hsu

She is absolutely an inspiring, open, challenging, and a spiritually uplifting yoga teacher. 

During class you sweat, detox, and more importantly - you make space. I appreciate how Robin also stays rooted in traditional yogic practices and incorporates chanting, meditation, and breathing exercises during her class. There are absolutely no judgements in her class, no matter what level you are - she always provides modifications. After class, I feel utterly restored, rejuvenated and open...and, always looking forward to the next one.

I highly recommend any of Robin's classes, workshops or retreats!

- Melanie Manghinang

I started with Robin a little over a year ago.  I turned 50 and was dealing with my dad’s declining physical health.  My husband suggested we try yoga as something to do together.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew from watching my dad’s physical decline how important it was to stay flexible and get stronger in order to age well.

When we started with Robin I could barely sit with my legs crossed or do the simple “down dog” yoga position (I now say simple…at that time it was extremely challenging for me).  Robin is very patient and encourages you to make adjustments that help you achieve the positions you are working on.  She is very encouraging and listens to what you want and need.  Robin is the reason I have come to love yoga so much and am making it  a priority in my life.

I have come a long way.  I no longer say ,“there’s no way I can do that”.  I know that with time and Robin’s instruction I will get there.  I have gotten so much stronger and more flexible. I feel better and I look forward to our class every week. 

Robin, thank you so much for changing my life! - Dorothea Kaz

I've had the privilege of working with Robin Duryea for more than than two years.  Her ability to perfectly blend the intense physical aspects of a Vinyasa practice with a strong spiritual core is very special. Robin's teaching style encourages me to dive deep within myself.

Whether it's finding the strength to move through my discomfort in a pose or finding the courage to keep breathing during a pranayama course, her guidance always reveals an inner strength I didn't realize was there. 

I've had the pleasure of attending several of her workshops and one thing is certain, I'm always enlightened and emboldened to manifest my dreams into my reality. Robin teaches from a place of pure love.  Her presence in my life is a blessing. I look forward to continuing my physical and spiritual practice with her. Thank you Robin!!! - Brandi Montano

Robin Duryea will always be my first yoga mentor in San Francisco.  This was a crucial meeting of sorts.  My path toward my own practice would’ve been very different if I didn’t encounter the kindness, rawness and determined teaching style that Robin possesses. 

Through our private mentorships together, she led with curiosity and inquiry to let me fill in my own blanks and let me step into my work without being too preachy or dogmatic.  I also appreciate the sense of community which Robin tirelessly inspires us to come together and share, exist and breathe together. 

Her pranayama meditation course changed my life by allowing me to release the strings that kept holding me back from my current potentials. 

I believe Robin is a healer who practices what she teaches.  I also believe that Robin’s self-possession and ability to bring people forward by introducing their personal power is a gift.  I can’t wait to continue to see her work unfold, and highly suggest getting to know her, past the mat. - Russel Bui