sangha saturdays!


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Robin Duryea created Sangha Saturdays in 2014 out of the desire to bring integration of the practice to the individual while building and strengthening community. 

Sangha Saturdays is a two hour event consisting of a 60 minute deep and soulful asana practice followed by a 60 minute facilitated dialog on a specific topic. Past topics have included, ‘The science of OM’, ’Mantra’, ’Intentions’, and ‘Action: A co-collaboration’


Sangha refers to a gathering of like minded individuals who come together for the purpose of self-study. In doing so we create space to inquire, ask questions, to share and listen to each others stories, to receive guidance and insight from the teacher, and each other, while furthering our understanding and implementation of the practice. 


Together, we hold space that is informative, inspiring and supportive. We open ourselves up to growth beyond the mat recognizing it is through community we develop understanding, compassion, truth, and awareness. 


As such, a portion of the proceeds go toward local communities needing support. Robin will never forget the moment one of her teachers, Stephanie Snyder, said, ‘There will come a day when your practice is no longer about what you can get but about what you can offer’.

Stay tuned for our next gathering. Any inquires or questions reach out to