Private Insruction

Having the right teacher makes all the difference. And, because yoga is endless with so many different pathways and modalities working one on one gives us the ability to create a session, or multiple sessions, with your specific wants and needs. 

By working privately, together, we can get into the details. There is room for dialogue, inquiry, and time to break down any confusion that may stifle progress, practice, understanding and inspiration. 

Traditionally, the science and art of Yoga was passed down one on one - student to teacher. Nowadays, yoga is often experienced in large public settings or solo from a video or online; both have many benefits. However, if you're new OR if you're ready to go deeper OR wanting to explore practices not always offered in the public class setting working one on one can be very informative and transformative. 


I've been practicing for more than 2 decades. I've used yoga to heal myself from all of it; broken bones, depression, anxiety, addiction, and daily stress management. I also just really enjoy it. For me, yoga is fun, exciting, and challenging in a way I enjoy. It's made me strong, clear, and light-hearted. My yoga consists of many practices from the physical to the psychological. Using different movements (asana), breath work, meditation, mantra (the science of sound), Ayurveda (diet and lifestyle), chakra work (how we assimilate to our environment), and so much more. Over time, I have brought myself into a state of health and freedom I give thanks for everyday. I love sharing these tools and techniques with anyone interested. 

My teaching style: Should you have interest we start with an email or short phone call where I learn your thoughts, inspirations, questions, and inquires. From there I determine the best course of action. Should it feel right we work out the logistics of scheduling - how many sessions seem appropriate, be it one session or a series, time and location. I do have a space in SOMA, SF, though I am able to come to you depending on your location. 

I've worked with people as young as 7 up to 75 years of age. I've taught students who want new tools and techniques for a home practice. I've taught those ready and wanting to go deeper into the teachings. I've worked with people who are rehabilitating after injury and those wanting an alternative from the medical world of surgery and drugs. I've led yoga at important life events from birthdays to weddings. There are no limits and there is always a way.  


For details (price, scheduling, what's included)

send me an email and I'll get back to you promptly.